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Duck Hunts Grayson County

Are you affiliated with any other guide or outfitting company?
No. Outlaw Outfitters, LLC & Dove Blasters, LLC is not affiliated with any other guide service or hunting operation what so ever.

If I have a premium dove lease, can I bring client's with me? If so what's the procedure?
Additional passes may be purchased if you want to bring a different friend or client with you each hunt. For each person you bring, that would be a separate premium season pass.  Or, member guest passes are $75.00 a day. To prevent over crowding, guest passes will not be allowed the first 10 days of dove season. Only members can purchase guest passes and your guest must be with you on the same field.

So, if you wanted to bring clients out the first ten days of dove season, you would need to buy a separate year long lease. Then you could bring whoever you wanted with you as many times as you want. In short, if you purchased 2 season premium passes, you and a guest could come hunt any one of our fields at any time during dove season.  Each person will have to fill out our hunter's info, release and liability form before going on any of our fields.

I lost my membership card. How can I get another?
Email info@huntoutlaw.com and just let us know and we'll mail your first replacement card free of charge. Each additional card is $5.00

Do I have to send a text message every time I go to a dove hunting field?
YES! Every time you go to a field, you MUST send a text to 281-397-DOVE(3683) . In this text all you have to do is enter the desired field identification number i.e. "002," that you want to switch to. The field number is located beside each property in the "Properties" section. The cell phone number you provided upon signup is linked in to our database on our network and you will receive a response within minutes of your request as to whether or not that field is available. Once confirmation of your property change has been confirmed, that will be your new lease.

I think there are poachers on the property. What do I do?
You should not have ANY problem with poachers because it is well known around town that the Dove Blasters properties are heavily monitored and patrolled. However, if you feel that someone is on your lease that should not be, call or send a text to 214-773-1300 informing us of the problem and we will immediately have the police and game wardens on their way.

Can I bring my dog to the dove fields?
Absolutely! Just make sure they can handle being around other dogs and can play nice.

Do I have to pick up my hulls and trash before I leave?
Believe it or not, we get asked this all the time. Yes, please pick up your trash before leaving the property so we will be able to get these great properties next year.

Can I drive my vehicle on the property?
Not now because all of our fields are planted.

Is there a place for me to camp or park an RV?
No. All the room we have is used for the hunters.

Can I make payments on dove leases?
No. Sorry but we do not take payments or installments.

Can I destroy one of your food plotted fields so that my son can practice for his driver's ed class in 2 days?
HELL NO! Yes people, this actually happened!

How did you guys get to be so cool?
I don't know. We just are.

If you have any questions Email info@doveblasters.com